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Maker: Linear

Descriptions: Low Power 5V RS232 Dual Driver/Re...

Package: -

Packing: SO

无铅情况/ROHS: 无铅

Category: RS232/RS562 收发器

Drivers (#) 2
Receivers (#) 2
Supply Voltage Range 5V
Power (mW) 40
RS232 or RS562 RS232
Additional Supply
ESD (kV) 15
Packages SO-16, SW-16, N-16
Rec Alive in SD (#)
Driver Disable (yes/no) no
IEC61000-4-2 Support (yes/no) yes
Shutdown (yes/no) no
Max Data Rate (Mbps) 0.25
Voltage Gen Components 4 x 0.1μF
1.8V Logic Support (yes/no) no
Extended Temp C, I
Comments Low Power 5V RS232 Dual Driver/Receiver with ±15kV ESD Protection
Featured no
Date Added 1984-01-01
Price 1k * $2.75 (LT1781CN)
New no

10mA Max Supply Current
ESD Protection to IEC 1000-4-2 Level 4 ±15kV Air Gap, ±8kV Contact
Uses Small Capacitors: 0.1μF
120kBaud Operation for R L = 3k, C L = 2500pF
250kBaud Operation for R L = 3k, C L = 1000pF
Outputs Withstand ±30V Without Damage
CMOS Comparable Low Power: 40mW
Operates from a Single 5V Supply
Rugged Bipolar Design
Outputs Assume a High Impedance State When Off or Powered Down
Meets All RS232 Specifications
Available With or Without Shutdown
Absolutely No Latch-up



描述 The LT?1780/LT1781 are dual RS232 driver/receiver pairs with integral charge pump to generate RS232 voltage levels from a single 5V supply. Using only 0.1μF external capacitors, these circuits consume only 40mW of power, and can operate to 120kbaud even while driving heavy capacitive loads. New ESD structures on the chip allow the LT1780/LT1781 to survive ±15kV air gap and ±8kV contact ESD tests per IEC 1000-4-2, eliminating the need for costly TransZorbs? on the RS232 line pins. The LT1780/LT1781 are fully compliant with EIA RS232 standards. Driver outputs are protected from overload, and can be shorted to ground or up to ±30V without damage. During SHUTDOWN or power-off conditions, driver and receiver outputs are in a high impedance state, allowing line sharing. The LT1780/LT1781 are direct upgrades to the LT1180A/LT1181A, LT1280A/LT1281A and LT1381 for applications which require the utmost ESD protection. The LT1781 is available in 16-pin DIP,SO and SW packages. The LT1780 is supplied in 18-pin DIP and SW packages for applications which require SHUTDOWN.

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