Open AI + enabling platform

Kepler System (or simply K-System) is an open AI + enabling platform developed by IngDan Labs, which enables those developers with little AI/IoT/Hardware experience to quickly prototype their AI-based products, and helps them to solve many pressing problems that hinder wide adoption of AI technologies.
  • Open Cloud Services

  • Open AI-based UI

  • Kepler System

  • Open Platform

  • Open Datas

Open Cloud Services

  • No need to bind any particular cloud services to its hardware and software platforms

  • It allows the developers to switch to different cloud services

  • Set standard and unified APIs for various AI service calls

Open Platform

With cost-effective BOM, and scalability from simple (e.g. sensor unit) to complex (e.g. robotics) products, Kepler System can be regarded as the “Raspberry Pie” of the AI era.
  • Intelligent Module

    It provides a hardware platform with built-in well-tuned voice module that can be readily connected to voice related AI services.

  • Circuit Board

    The hardware board can be conveniently extended to connect with other IoT sensors, actuators, and devices through a service bus architecture.

  • API

    A set of unified APIs for connecting AI services.

  • Software Platform

    It provides a customized Android-based software platform tailored just for IoT devices and AI services.

Open AI-based UI

  • Home

    The system can identify the user's location and interact with the intelligent product

  • Enterprise

    Transform traditional industry into AI-based industry

  • Teaching and research application

    Can be used in artificial intelligence teaching experimental system and artificial intelligence in-depth research and development

Open Datas

  • User

    Put the control of data back to the user

  • Developer

    The developer need not to think about share and trading of data

  • Service providers

    The service providers will have open data and fusion of data from different sources

Kepler Module

Kepler Module Brochure
Kepler Module Brochure
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About Us

About Us

Our teamWith a group of world-class researchers, experts and engineers

We belong toIngDan Labs is the R&D unit of Cogobuy Group.

Our roleAs the world's technology "connector", Connected to the supply and demand side

We focus onAI + IoT

Our object-orientedcorporations/innovators/startups

We providevalue-added technology services

Our idea“Dream it, Build it; Disrupt it, Popularize it!”