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Delivers verified methodologies packaged in a system-to-tapeout RFIC design flow, demonstrated on a segment representative design.
Delivers scalable performance and capacity at full Spectre-level accuracy across a broad range of complex analog, RF, and mixed-signal blocks and subsystems.
Provides an advanced mixed-signal simulation solution for design and verification of analog, RF, memory, and mixed-signal SoCs.
Provides a comprehensive array of capabilities for electrical and statistical analysis, verification, and optimization of analog/mixed-signal designs, including the interfaces to many industry-standard simulators.
Offers rapid physical layout migration, including support for complex design rules at advanced nodes.
Provides the complete physical layout environment of the industry-standard Virtuoso custom design platform, a comprehensive solution for front-to-back custom-analog, digital, RF, and mixed-signal design.
Enables comprehensive design and verification by linking the industry’s leading simulation engines for seamless simulation throughout the design cycle.
Provides a complete design and constraint composition environment for front-to-back analog, custom-digital, RF, and mixed-signal designs.
Delivers a fast, SPICE-accurate simulator for challenging analog, RF, and mixed-signal circuit simulation and device characterization.
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