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Maker: RFMD

Descriptions: Voltage Controlled Attenuator

Package: -

Packing: QFN

无铅情况/ROHS: -

Category: 衰减器

Package QFN
Frequency Range (Max) (MHz) 4000
Min Insertion Loss (dB) 2.6
Gain Control Range (dB) 33.2
IP1dB (dBm) 30
IIP3 (dBm) 50
Frequency Range (Min) (MHz) 50

RFMD's RFSA2013 is a fully monolithic analog voltage controlled attenuator (VCA) featuring exceptional linearity over a minimum temperature compensated 30dB gain control range. It incorporates a revolutionary new circuit architecture to solve a long standing industry problem: high IP3, high attenuation range, low DC current, broad bandwidth and temperature compensated linear in dB control voltage characteristic. This voltage controlled attenuator is controlled by a single positive control voltage with on chip DC conditioning circuitry. The slope of the control voltage versus gain is selectable. The RFSA2013 draws a very low 1mA current and is packaged in a small 3mm x 3mm QFN. This attenuator is matched to 50? over its rated control range and frequency with no external matching components required. Typical VCA's in this performance category have poor inherent attenuation versus temperature and poor nonlinear attenuation versus control voltage characteristics. To correct these shortcomings, other VCA's require extensive off chip analog support circuitry that consume valuable PCB area and additional DC power. This game changing product incorporates the complete solution in a small 3mm x 3mm QFN package that reduces the footprint by 20X in area and reduces the DC power by 10X over conventional PIN diode approaches.
Patent Pending Circuit Architecture
Broadband 50MHz to 4000MHz Frequency Range
30dB Attenuation Range
+50dBm IIP3 Typical
+80dBm IIP2 Typical
High 1dB Compression Point >+30dBm
Low Supply Current 1 mA Typical
5V Power Supply
Linear in dB Control Characteristic
Internal Temperature Compensation
Class 1C ESD (1000V)
3.3V Version Available (RFSA2023)
Complete Solution in a Small 3mm x 3mm, QFN Package


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Qualification Report
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RFSA2013 Data Sheet
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Application Note: RFSA2013
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RFSA2013 S-Parameters
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RFSA2013 Manufacturing Note
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Brochure: RFSA2013/RFSA2023/RFSA3013/RFSA3023 Voltage Controlled Attenuators, 50 to 4000MHz
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