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Model Product Description RoHS Operation
Assura Physical Verification 设计规则检测与版图和逻辑设计一致性检测,为SoC设计提供高良率的定制IP。 New RFQ
Cadence Litho Electrical Analyzer 根据真实光刻轮廓线来抽取器件和连线的电气参数。分析并且修复由于系统性变量产生的时序和漏电流热点。 New RFQ
Cadence Litho Physical Analyzer 识别并修正光刻图形的热点。使用基于模型的技术快速并且准确地预测芯片的光刻轮廓,改进参数良率和芯片性能... New RFQ
Cadence Physical Verification System 在一种解决方案中提供从前端到后端设计,实现并且签收的整个流程。加快设计规则检测和版图与逻辑设计一致性... New RFQ
Cadence QRC Extraction 快速并且准确的对整个芯片进行抽取和分析。加速时序收敛并实现高质量的芯片。 New RFQ
Cadence RF Design Methodology Kit Delivers verified methodologies packaged in a system-to-tapeout RFIC design flow, demonstrated on a... New RFQ
Virtuoso Accelerated Parallel Simulator Delivers scalable performance and capacity at full Spectre-level accuracy across a broad range of co... New RFQ
Virtuoso AMS Designer Provides an advanced mixed-signal simulation solution for design and verification of analog, RF, mem... New RFQ
Virtuoso Analog Design Environment Provides a comprehensive array of capabilities for electrical and statistical analysis, verification... New RFQ
Virtuoso Layout Migrate Offers rapid physical layout migration, including support for complex design rules at advanced nodes... New RFQ
Virtuoso Layout Suite Provides the complete physical layout environment of the industry-standard Virtuoso custom design pl... New RFQ
Virtuoso Multi-Mode Simulation Enables comprehensive design and verification by linking the industry’s leading simulation engines f... New RFQ
Virtuoso Schematic Editor Provides a complete design and constraint composition environment for front-to-back analog, custom-d... New RFQ
Virtuoso Spectre Circuit Simulator Delivers a fast, SPICE-accurate simulator for challenging analog, RF, and mixed-signal circuit simul... New RFQ
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