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  • brand:Microchip Atmel
  • Packaging:--
  • Lead-free status/ROHS: --
  • Seller:科通芯城自营
  • Description:8/16-bit AVR XMEGA A3 Microcontroller, 64KB Flash, 64-pin
  • Packaging:TQFP 64A 64
  • Category:Wi-Fi
Parameter Value
Hardware QTouch Acquisition No
Camera Interface No
Graphic LCD No
Timers 7
ADC Resolution (bits) 12
# of Touch Channels 16
MPU / MMU no / no
Input Capture Channels 22
Pin Count 64
Self Program Memory YES
Analog Comparators 4
picoPower Yes
ADC channels 16
DRAM Memory No
SRAM (Kbytes) 4
Temp. Sensor Yes
ADC Speed (ksps) 2000
Resistive Touch Screen No
DAC Resolution (bits) 12
Max I/O Pins 50
Temp. Range (deg C) -40 to 85
USB Speed No
I/O Supply Class 1.6 to 3.6
Flash (Kbytes) 64 Kbytes
DAC Channels 2
USB Interface No
NAND Interface No
External Bus Interface 0
Crypto Engine AES/DES
SPI 10
CPU 8-bit AVR
Output Compare channels 22
Ext Interrupts 50
Operating Voltage (Vcc) 1.6 to 3.6
PWM Channels 22
32kHz RTC Yes
Max. Operating Frequency 32 MHz
EEPROM (Bytes) 2048
Video Decoder No
TWI (I2C) 2
Calibrated RC Oscillator Yes

Low power, high performance 8/16-bit AVR microcontroller featuring 64KB self-programming flash program memory, 4KB boot code section, 4KB SRAM, 2048-Byte EEPROM, external bus interface, 4-channel DMA controller, 8-channel event system, and up to 32 MIPS throughput at 32MHz. The ATxmega A3 series features 64-pin packages.

The device can be used in a wide range of applications, such as building, industrial, motor, board, and climate control; hand-held battery applications; factory automation; power tools; HVAC; networking, metering, large home appliances, and optical and medical devices.

BuildingAutomation: 舒适性与控制, 消防与安全
HomeAppliances: 制冷, 烹饪, 清洗
HomeEntertainment: 远程控制
IndustrialAutomation: PLC 和 I/O 模块, 工业通信, 传感器, 仪表
Lighting: 照明控制
Metering: 电表
MobileElectronics: 便携式音频播放器, 移动电话和移动互联网设备, 掌上电脑

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