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  • brand:Intel
  • Packaging:最小包装2600
  • Lead-free status/ROHS: --
  • Seller:科通芯城自营
  • Description:combine a single-channel analog codec and a high-voltage SLIC
  • Packaging:VQFN48
  • Category:Audio codec chip
Parameter Value
Description combine a single-channel analog codec and a high-voltage SLIC
Interface Type PCM/SPI or CSI
Package VQFN48
Supply Voltage 3.3V
Industrial Temperature -40°C~+85°C
industry standard (GR-909) line testing Y
CO-grade transmission performance '– 142 V peak ringing voltage – automatic ring current regulation – Caller ID generation – DTMF generation & detection

PEF32001线路接口解决方案将模拟编解码器和高压SLIC集成在一个封装中。封装的减小提供了无与伦比的灵活性和性能,从而实现了成本优化的语音用户驻地设备(Voice CPE)应用程序的高级设计。PEF32001进一步完善了Lantiq成熟的已验证过的Voice CPE产品线,并与家庭网关(DSL, PON, Cable, Ethernet)以及中小企业解决方案进行了最佳融合。其引脚兼容的1通道解决方案使客户能够生产出实现2层PCB的单一硬件设计。与其他可用的设备相比,PEF32001可在整个工业温度范围内提供符合中央办公室(CO)标准(振铃,馈电,DTMF产生和检测以及来电显示)的全部传输性能。 PEF32001支持行业标准(GR-909)线路测试和一些特殊测试,如电容测量,电话检测,交流电平表,通断音检测和通用音频检测。

The PEF32001 line interface solutions combine an analog codec and high-voltage SLICs in a single package. This reduced footprint provides the unrivaled flexibility and performance that is required to implement cost-optimized Voice CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) applications of superior design.The PEF32001 complements Lantiq´s established and field-proven Voice CPE product line and blends optimally with Home Gateways (DSL, PON, Cable, Ethernet) as well as small and medium-sized Enterprise solutions. Its pin-to-pin compatible 1 channel solutions empower customers to produce a single hardware design implementing a 2-layer PCB. In comparison to the other devices that are available, the PEF32001 offers full transmission performance for Central Office (CO) compliance (for ringing, feeding, DTMF generation & detection, and Caller ID) over the entire industrial temperature range. The PEF32001 also supports industry standard (GR-909) line testing and unique tests such as Capacitance Measurement, Phone Detection, AC Level Meter, Make-and-Break Dial Tone and Universal Tone Detection.

通过优化的板载集成和消除重复的外部元件以及器件的2层PCB功能实现了双线路终端的最佳BOM。目前,CPE系统制造商可以以优化的系统成本提供具有CO级性能和全宽带支持(16 kHz / 16 bit)的语音电话。 PEF32001的低功耗(在所有操作条件下测量的)满足制造商们需要达到的严格行为准则5所要求的功率效率,同时集成更小的电源以进一步提高系统的设计和成本。它的DC / DC模式意味着只需要一个电源转换器即可支持两条语音线路,而且不会影响电源效率和语音质量。

The best-in-class Bill of Material (BOM) for dual-line termination is achieved through optimal on-board integration and elimination of duplicated external components, augmented by the device’s 2-layer PCB capability. Now, CPE system manufacturers can offer voice telephony with CO-grade performance and full wideband support (16 kHz/16 bit) at optimized system cost. The low power consumption of the PEF32001 (measured under all operating conditions) is the industry benchmark for manufacturers who need to meet exacting Code of Conduct 5 requirements for power efficiency, while integrating a smaller power supply to further enhance the design and cost of the system. Its combined DC/DC mode means that only one single power converter is required to support two voice lines – with no compromise on power efficiency and voice quality.

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